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I didn’t want the finger prick blood test, I’m afraid of needles but I booked a body composition test at Wellbeing Edit's. I was surprised how low knowledge I had about my own body and health. The test and consultation took about 20 minutes and changed my point of view about myself positively. Thank you very much for this.

Andras Sz

I have known Edit for a number of years through the health services she offers. I requested a health check Oct 23 mainly to monitor my own health. I run my own business and do not always have time to wait for appointment from GP. Edit took all my measurements and tested my blood. I had immediate results and we discussed how I could improve my health naturally with exercise and supplements.

I have followed the given advise and I have found I have lost weigh have less joint pain and much more energy. Edit is a true professional and has a vast degree of knowledge and I will continue to trust her services to continue to improve my personal health.

Jagir K

I didn't have to wait ages for a GP appointment. All my results arrived fast and got explained by a professional. Instead of drugs I got natural solutions for my health issues.

Renata B

Having been indifferent to my health for decades and in my 40’s. I thought it would be a good idea to have an “MOT”. The Wellbeing Edit offered a quick and detailed solution with easy online booking. The service – welcoming, accomplished, enthusiastic and totally unflustered by my worries.

The health checks - painless finger prick tests, various measurements with quality gear and a chat about my routines. Now I’m armed with the facts instead of “wishful thinking”. Most of my numbers are good but I need to follow up my cholesterol with my GP and work on reducing my visceral fat and definitely drink more water. Edit’s put me right on how to get it all in order and my head is finally out of the sand.

Keith G.