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We provide wellbeing Health Checks and educational Health Club in our clinic in Kings Heath, Birmingham at The Well Health Centre (89 Institute Road, B14 7EU). Please note, this wellbeing Health Check is NOT a doctor appointment. Phlebotomy services will come soon.

To schedule an appointment, you can simply click on the book appointment button which takes you to the Timely booking system. You can find a suitable time for you and purchase the desired assessment. At this moment we operate only on Tuesdays at Kings Heath. Please contact us if you wish to book another day and we try to accommodate your needs. Please note, this wellbeing Health Check is NOT a doctor appointment.

We accept payments through Timely booking system. For details on fees.
This will depend on the type of health assessment you are having. The quick assessments take 10 to 15 minutes, but the full Health Check takes 30 minutes (finger prick blood test + physical measurements + lifestyle review). Please note, this wellbeing Health Check is NOT a doctor appointment.

Before your health check

A finger prick blood test is a quick and simple medical procedure where a small needle pricks the finger to collect a small amount of blood for testing. The needle is called a lancet.
Generally speaking finger prick tests are as accurate as venous blood tests but some research says there could be a 10% difference +/- between the two. So if one of your finger prick blood tests produce a borderline result we strongly recommend organising a venous blood test with your GP to clarify it. To eliminate this anomaly, we will be introducing our Phlebotomy Service in the near future.

Absolutely – the Health Practitioner who carries out your health check will explain each test as we go along for your peace of mind. If you do not wish to have a particular test, let us know at any time. We have created a range of service options for you to choose from. We welcome all, whether you require finger prick blood test, physical measurements or a full package of all that we offer.

Please browse our service menu for more information. If you need any assistance in making your booking please contact us, we are happy to help.

Unless you are diabetic, you should not have anything to eat or drink other than water for 6–8 hours prior to your health assessment. It is advisable to continue to drink water as normal, as staying well hydrated will help you feel more comfortable, can facilitate many of the tests, and will ensure your blood results are as accurate as possible (blood sugar and cholesterol level could fluctuate throughout the day, mostly depending on what you have eaten before). If you are diabetic, please continue to eat and drink as normal prior to assessment.
It is advised that you wear comfortable and flexible clothing (loose top/tracksuit/shorts). If you have a body composition test you will be required to take off your shoes and socks/tights for accurate measurements.

We advise not to exercise 12–24 hours before the health assessment if possible. Exercise may affect the results of the body composition and blood pressure measurements.

If you usually smoke, you can continue to do so. But the consumption of alcohol or take drugs prior testing will result in inaccurate measurements.

We advise you not to take a long-haul flight, as many of your tests may be affected for 48 hours after the flight.

Drinking water prior to the health assessment can make it easier to perform the finger prick blood samples, as well as blood pressure measurements.

During pregnancy the whole body is transforming by day by day. We advise you to follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider and midwife. If you have any concern please contact to your midwife immediately, do not wait!

During pregnancy we only perform the Vitamin D and Iron level finger prick blood test. After pregnancy 6-weeks post-partum for uncomplicated birth, you are more than welcome to have the other tests, too.

Body composition is used by health professionals to evaluate a person’s weight by breaking it down into its core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water. It describes your healthy weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods like BMI & weight. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

Although there are no known health risks, some categories of people are advised not to use the monitor: pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

During pregnancy dynamic physiological changes occur, a pregnant woman cannot expect an accurate body fat and body water reading. The device cannot distinguish the embryo/fetus and the amniotic fluid, so the increased body weight will be translated to body fat and this will influence the rest of the results. Since obtaining an accurate reading during pregnancy is not possible, it would not be recommended to monitor your body composition until after delivery.

This equipment must not be used by people with pacemakers or other mechanical implants. The special scale passes a weak electrical current through the body which could interfere with and cause the malfunction of electrical medical implants.

No - The flu can make some existing medical conditions worse. If you have any infection you should seek medical treatment from your GP. After any surgery the body needs time to fully recover, if you have any concern contact to your medical team/GP immediately. 

This wellbeing Health Check is NOT a doctor appointment. If you experience symptoms like chest pain (at rest, during daily living or during exertion), shortness of breath, dizziness/losing balance, lost consciousness, fainting, palpitations, excess sweating, nausea you are might having a heart attack. In that case call immediately 999 and ask for an ambulance if you suspect a heart attack!

Yes – If you attend a booking and are unable to receive the Health Check because you are not in an appropriate physical condition or the treatment is not appropriate for your condition you will not be entitled to a refund. It is your responsibility to confirm that the treatment you book is appropriate for you and your condition. If you need any assistance in making your booking please contact us,  we are happy to help.

There is a minimum age restriction of 18 years old. We cannot perform Health Check on anyone under 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

Yes – but space is limited and some of the questions can be intimate. You will need to consent to that person being privy to your results. In the clinic we do not have the facility for looking after children, toddlers or babies. Please organise childcare for a maximum of 30 minutes while the assessment lasts.

After your Health Check

During your assessment, the test results are available instantly and will be emailed. You will receive online a confidential SAME DAY report with personalised recommendations and annual comparisons to monitor progress. 

If you received Bowel Cancer Screening home kit you will perform it in your comfort of your home and you will see that result in 10 minutes.

As we stated that this wellbeing Health Check is NOT a doctor appointment you should contact to your GP and explain your test result. You can even show it to them.

If you have some results at the high or low end of normal, contact to your health care provider, GP because you may need more tests or investigate them further.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question please check our Privacy Policy or Disclaimer or contact us