Navigating the “Dry January” 5+2 Challenge with a Splash of Humour

Ah, January – the month of fresh starts, renewed resolutions, and the infamous “Dry January.” It’s that time when many embark on a booze-free journey, eagerly declaring a temporary farewell to their beloved beverages. But let’s face it, navigating the 5+2 challenge (five dry days and two cheat days :D) can be as tricky as […]

The Hilarious Saga of New Year’s Resolutions: Why They Last as Long as a Netflix Binge

Ah, the annual ritual of setting New Year’s resolutions – it’s practically a global tradition. We start the year with unwavering determination, armed with kale smoothies and gym memberships. But, let’s face it, by mid-February, our resolutions often vanish faster than the last piece of chocolate at the office.  Here are our 7 guesses: 1. […]